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We just hit 100 followers on Twitch and I'm SO HYPE! As a way of saying thanks I'm doing a special 8 hour stream on Friday, September 8, 2017. I'll be taking art requests. The stream will start at 3pm ET. Come check it out and say hi!
...has been THE SINGLE MOST motivating thing I've ever done.


So I started live streaming about a month an half ago on Twitch and I've gotten more art done in that time than I have in literally years.

(Here's a link to my twitch stream if you're interested:

I'm pretty new to Twitch myself, but anyone who's not familiar, it's a streaming site that's mostly for gaming, but artists stream their art too. So you can watch someone work on their art live and chat with them. (I'm obsessed. I'm literally watching someone AS I TYPE THIS: I love it because it's so helpful to see how other artists work and what their process is like.

I was honestly VERY nervous to get started on Twitch. I was so self-conscious about people watching my process. Art is really personal so it's kind of this weird exposure.

So why do it? I started with a few reasons and ended up having loads more.

The main reason I started was that I wanted some accountability. I wanted to let people know I was planning to draw and have them hold me to it, so I didn't give up.

I also wanted a way to get my art in front of people. Of course I always kinda struggled with that in the past because I wasn't MAKING that much art, so there was nothing to share. Streaming actually helps me do both at once—I'm making art and showing it to people!

Some things I didn't realize would happen...

- I stopped getting distracted and NOT drawing. (Can't browse the web or go play with your puppy if you know people are watching lol)
- I TRIED harder. When I had cool ideas (or suggestions from chat) that normally I would not bother with because they sounded "too hard" I would try! Because people are watching! So I don't want to disappoint them and be a lazy artist.
- I made so many friends! :) The Twitch community is so cool—I've met the nicest, funniest, dopest people!
- I actually feel pretty good about my art. I have a lot to learn, but it's really encouraging to have people show up and watch you draw something. It's so incredibly flattering and it blows me away every time I stream that people actually watch. (Sometimes just one person, but that's amazing too!)

Anyway my poor DA account has been neglected for a long time. But since I'm drawing so much on Twitch, I'm gonna start filling it with art!
Thank you for checking out my DA gallery. If you want to see more of my work or what else I'm up to you can check out my website